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ai4k is a company founded in Norway, aims to provide Technology and Design Implementation for starting companies.

Core Values:

Our core values are the willingness to generate trust through honesty, and courageous connections through empathy and compassion. We recognize diversity as the main driving power of human thriving.


Elevate the effectiveness of Technology and Design implementation with a focus on systemic thinking and competence.

Clear the path for new technologies adoption, by understanding the gaps in the diverse information processing abilities between the relevant stakeholders.

To achieve these objectives we have created:

webdesign oslo

The main company. The four branches in the logo symbolize the four columns of our strategy: Design (red), Coaching (blue), Programming (yellow), and Assessment (green).

webdesign oslo Norway

Our goal is to help people start their business when they cannot because of their lack of systems thinking, competence (knowledge, skills, experience), or time.

We solve this by providing a framework through Coaching Design in the creation process of their websites. Our design system gives them a reliable and progressive platform for their company growth.

Søkemotoroptimalisering webdesign oslo

We sell clothes and accessories by demand with an emphasis on eco-friendly products. We have seasonal design lines and ai4k merch products with our distinctive brand and colors. Our target is young adults with a preference for a healthy life, sustainability, and technology.

webdesign oslo Norway

The Webstyler is a tool for easy pre-design websites (by color and type). The content is organized and tagged by Artificial Intelligence. It’s a work in progress.

Our location: