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This is the Place where your business and your website grow.


Add-ons can be added to your website plan, at any time, just when you need it.


Add more features here, to increase performance and capability.


We use only licensed software, previously tested and approved by us.


Functionality is guaranteed: we won’t charge you for updates or fixes.


Premium software and widely used equals to website stability and reliability.  


The second and following years you will always pay the half of your product.

Add-ons and advanced add-ons are software implementations for ai4k Website Customers. We sell them at exclusive prices and their functioning and performance is guaranteed for one year. If your are not an ai4k Website Customer you should pay double price and agree with some conditions.

To enjoy add-ons and advanced add-ons please choose your Website Plan first (If you don’t have it yet).

Each Website Plan has its own line of products.

Choose a Plan

All Add-ons are exclusive for ai4k Website Plan owners. Simple Add-ons have not expiration dates.

Simple add-ons

Advanced Add-ons have expiration dates, generally of one year. After that period, the Advanced Add-on product must be renewed to ensure its proper functioning.

Advanced add-ons

Products with connection to Artificial Intelligence systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Products specially designed for Online Stores.


Niches Website Plans are out of the box solutions for specific markets or industries. Yearly renewable.


Support Upgrades extend your Support for one more year, keeping the same Website Plan, half of the price. Plan Upgrades scale up your plan, paying only the difference.



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