Content Update

Content Update

Our Content Update comes after the content included in your Plan, and it may be, for example:

1 author Blog post (SEO optimized)
4 Blog posts as editor
1 author Product Content*
4 editor Products updates
1 additional Google Ad change
1 additional Advanced Form
1 additional Advanced Slider
1 Update ai4k LINK
1 Landing page speed test 100

No expiration date

kr 500

Additional information

All our plans enjoy some website Content Updates, and our Pro8 plan includes some Blog and Store Content Updates as well. Our customers can participate as a website author to publish their original content or we can do that work for them, as author or editor roles, for a small fee.

Basically, the author role does everything and the editor role just “copy and paste”.

* If Author Product Content requires additional Product Design (I create a new original product for you), or Coaching Design (I couch you for you to find the best ideas for the product concept), please use the Professional Time to add it.

Please find more info in  Websites Plans

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