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Online Business Concept Map

From idea to reality and beyond.

A business idea represents only 10% of the business. The other 90% lies on the execution.

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The Product must fix a Problem. A Problem must fix a Conflict.

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Online Business Strategy should include: Sales Channel and SEO / SEM strategy.

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Online Businesses require a unique identity that can survive change. A Website is the proper place.

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A Website is the ideal place to show and keep your Brand, independently the changes in your Online Business. Choose a Domain name that works in the long run.

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A customized SEO strategy must keep your Brand in the customer’s brain. The use of AI for content and analysis is necessary to keep up the traffic flow.

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Social Media (SM) sites have their own agenda, they don’t represent your Company. You should focus on your Brand and Company, not in getting random followers.

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Use Marketing for fast traffic to your web. SEM strategy may include ads in Search Engines or SM, product placement in SM and through a focus online community.

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Cheap hosting like the “shared” kind can’t support high web traffic, especially the concurrent one. Use Cloud Hosting instead.

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An Online Business needs high volumen web traffic but traffic that converts. People can be attracted to your website by SEO or by SEM.

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You need to measure the website traffic and the conversion, adjust them and repeat the process, constantly.

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Template-ish web designs and content simply don’t work. Web Design with High Conversión increase traffic and conversion.

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Selling a Product or Service requires a high performance capacity and conversion website, also the perfect Product or Service design and maintenance and vision.

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Business Operations is different from Website Operations: both are equally challenging. can help you with the second.

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We’ve integrated Artificial Intelligence into our Websites at the very beginning of From advanced add-ons to Content and Images generated by AI.

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Growth implies Scalability at some point. Only a robust platform in hardware, software and ideas can support it. is the way to go.

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🟡  Basic4 Website Plan

🟢  Value7 Website Plan

🔵  Pro8 Website Plan

🟣  Advanced Add-On

🟠  SEO and CRO

⚪️ White Label Philosophy. It may include an ai4k Kit

🤖 Utilizes Artificial Intelligence

Growth Scale

ai4k Website Plans show you the path: from when you’re starting a company until when you want an ecommerce website.

ai4k Knowledge Base is always with you.

You have an idea, or you visualize a problem solution. That is the 10% of a profitable business. You need leverage and Basic4 Website Plan is the perfect start.

You visualize a product or a service. You may need a business model or a passive income. Value7 Website Plan is right there to help you walk through it.

You’re already selling product or a service. Pro8 Website Plan is a powerful companion in your business adventure and future financial freedom.

Web Design Functional Parts

The web design is not only the graphic part with which a web user interacts.

There is no point in a website without a clear purpose. That permeates everything from top to bottom.

Do you have a business idea? We offer you one-to-one Small Business Coaching, in the framework of our White Philosophy.

Do it yourself (DIY) website builders like,,,,, or similar, traditional DIY web builders or by using AI, won’t provide you any help for the Pre-Website work, instead, they will send you to read tons of blog posts or youtube videos.

Most of freelancers won’t provide advise in Project Design, they just follow what you ask them to do.

Your new online business needs branding, but branding is not just a logo. Check here the 7 components of  branding that we provide in to differentiate your business from the competition.

DYI website builders or freelance designers don’t provide branding, maybe just a logo and a template that barely fit your segment, and that have been used before on many websites.

If you don’t make the mistake of using a template-ish website builder, you should use a programming language (HTML, JS, PHP, CSS, React, etc) to create a website from zero.

Or you may use a website builder platform like In this case you still need some knowledge of programming (HTML, JS, PHP, CSS). This is another world and you may need training before you can create a decent and ver simple website. There are lot of software that you may know and manage to add functionalities to your initial simple website.

You can pay a freelancer or an agency like to create a more useful website. With us you’ll be sure that we’ll provide you with the best technology, safe and cost-efficient in the long run, which is the same we use in our website.

When people talk about create a website they usually talk about this part only, the website design, or the graphical interface that you will see when you open the website on the web.

All DIY website builders and freelancers define website as this part only, and they don’t see a website as a whole because their focus is to sell the website design work or the monthly subscription of the graphical interface.

We can say that conversion-focused web design is our exclusive service. We practically sell online business that works, not just design interfaces.

For that reason we only sell high performance web design, in user experience, speed load, SEO and conversion.

Most of DIY website builders provide their own hosted solution. Most freelancers can set the hosting for you. In those cases they use the cheapest hosting available.

In we offer the best Cloud hosting because we deeply understand that the speed of your website is crucial for the UX and conversion of your business.


Most of DIY website builders provide maintenance as website is inside their platform.

Some freelancers provide support for a fee, montly subscription or per work. But there is a catch, they won’t guarantee functionality: if the software needs to be updated, modified or replaced by other software due to malfunction, they will charge. provide one year of free support and the functionality of our website plans and add-ons are guarantee one year after the purchase, if we manage the website as webmasters.

Progressive Growth

Most of DIY website builders provide several plans and all purpose add-ons. Freelancers do what you ask for. The problem is you may don’t know what your online business needs, and you will paying that lack of knowledge with money and time. main focus is online business growth and conversion, that’s the reason we provide website plans, and add-ons specific for your online business phase, at exclusive prices.

SEO and Content

We supply your website with unique AI content (SEO Google friendly content and AI Images) that will keep your website alive on the search engine rankings. Every website comes with free AI images, and ChatGPT Prompts for the online business phase.

No company is providing that in the market right now.

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