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Attract more customers with an eye-catching design and increase your business sales with a website that converts.

Experience Coaching Design in the process of optimizing your business model.

Enjoy a reliable and scalable technology platform to grow your business.

We carefully select the best software and capabilities and bundle them to create three website plans. The same core technology with different features that fit your business perfectly. This is not a subscription, but we still include one year of FREE support.

3 Website Plans

Visualize your financial freedom working for yourself. Starting basic with Basic4 means starting on the slope, not the bottom, because we provide you with the leverage you really need to climb to the top. A very affordable website to get you started on the right foot.

Be on the crest of the mountain: aesthetics and functionality come together, with a clear path of growth and expansion. A large collection of add-ons included by default makes this web plan the best value for money.

Control the elements with this systemic and amazing website. Gently touch the E-Commerce stream with our top website plan ready to work for you, with plenty of customizations and maximum performance.

Trust The Process


Things can seem complex and the investment risky when you think about your new website. Plus, maintaining a website can be complicated and cost money and time.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We have a plan for that stage you’re in right now.

Your investment is guaranteed by European and Norwegian regulations.

Top Of The Notch Technology

ai4k Website Plans are more than just websites, it’s a smart framework where technology and your business idea come together, while we keep it running smoothly.

The software of all our websites is premium, original licensed, and widely used. That guarantees robustness, stability and standardization.

Exclusive Benefits

Business Model

Master the formulation of your business model and clearly express your message to your audience.


Fully understand what you are buying: the growth trajectory of each product and its limits, with no hidden costs.

Privacy Protection

All technology is tested and configured to protect your information and that of your users.


The published prices are a reflection of our transparent approach, such as our FREE Support, and FREE content updates and changes.

Progressive Growth

Add-ons are available for each website plan, and you can add them when you are ready. Technology is right there.


Optimize your time and money with our design system. The second and subsequent years are even more affordable.

Business for everyone

ai4k website business

In an indexed and visual world, ai4k Website Plans is a simple yet powerful platform to develop your idea from scratch.

As a result, you get a fast, stable and optimized website with a high conversion rate to your specific goals.

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