AI Tools for Business

AI Tools for Business is our curated list of 65 AI tools that will tremendously empower small and online businesses.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has opened up new opportunities for small businesses to work smarter and scale efficiently. From generating content to automating tasks, our 65 AI tools for small business allow you to get more done with less effort. Here are some of the top AI tools that online business owners should consider adopting.

AI Tools for Business

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AI tools for Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved rapidly in recent years, providing businesses of all sizes with powerful new tools to work smarter and more efficiently.

AI-driven software can automate repetitive tasks, generate insights from data, and much more to help companies streamline operations.

This article will provide an overview of the top AI tools that small and online businesses can use to enhance productivity, better engage customers, and gain a competitive edge.

Whether you need to create content, design graphics, analyze data, or automate workflows, AI has innovative solutions to help your business succeed online.

The following are some essential AI tools for small businesses by categories.

All-Purpose AI Tools

  • ChatGPT – Conversational AI for complex tasks
  • Jasper – AI content & image generation
  • WriteSonic – Versatile AI writing & art tool
  • Descript – AI video & podcast editor
  • Chatmind – Mind maps generation
  • Xmind – Mind maps generation

AI Content Creation

  • Jasper – AI writing assistant
  • WriteSonic – AI writing assistant
  • Scalenut – AI writer & SEO tool
  • Quillbot – AI paraphraser
  • Check our list of AI Content Generator Tools

AI for SEO

  • Surfer SEO – AI SEO tool
  • Alli AI – AI website optimization
  • Rank Math – AI SEO for WordPress
  • Check our curated AI SEO Tools

AI for Social Media

  • Murf – AI voice generator
  • Synthesia – AI video generator
  • Ocoya – AI social media manager

AI for Design

  • Midjourney – AI image generator
  • Looka – AI logo & brand creator
  • Magic Studio – AI design tool
  • More information in AI for Web Design

Customer Service AI

  • Support Board – AI chatbot
  • Freshworks Freddy – AI CRM

Sales & Marketing AI

  • Jasper – Sales content creator
  • Retention Science – eCommerce retention
  • Adzooma – AI marketing platform

AI for Development

  • GitHub Copilot – AI coding assistant
  • CodeWP – AI WordPress code generator

AI for Accounting

  • Docyt AI
  • Blue Dot
  • Botkeeper
  • Receipt-AI

AI for Data Analysis

  • Julius AI – Analyze data with computational AI
  • ChatPDF – Analyze data from PFDs.

AI Website Builders

In the next section I’ll show you the alphabetic list of 65 AI Tools for Small Business. Keep reading.

Video: How AI Could Empower Any Business

Andrew Ng argues that democratizing access to AI will have a profound impact on society, just as spreading literacy did centuries ago.

Currently, AI is concentrated at big tech companies because it’s expensive to develop. But new user-friendly platforms are emerging that will allow non-experts to create AI systems by providing data, not code.

This will enable small businesses and individuals to build customized AI solutions, like a pizza shop owner using sales data to improve demand forecasting. Widespread access to build simple AI systems would create tremendous economic value.

Andrew Ng envisions a future where accountants, store managers, inspectors, farmers, and more can leverage AI to solve industry-specific problems.

65 AI tools for Small Business


This AI-driven marketing and advertising platform simplifies and optimizes digital campaigns across multiple channels. Adzooma helps improve efficiency with AI-powered insights and dashboards.

Alli AI

An AI-powered SEO tool that provides actionable recommendations to optimize websites, improve search rankings, and increase organic traffic.


A data-driven copywriting tool tailored for marketers to generate effective copy for ads, emails, landing pages, and content.


An AI chat assistant that analyzes PDF files and extracts helpful information by simply asking questions.

Blue Dot

Effortless compliance on VAT recovery. Improve compliance with global tax regulations and maximize VAT reclamation through the world’s leading digitalised VAT Compliance Platform.


It’s time to experience the ONLY automated bookkeeping solution purpose-built for Accounting Firms. Using a combination of machine learning, workflow tools, and skilled accountants, we make capacity problems a thing of the past.


ChatBase connect your data sources and get a ChatGPT-like chatbot for your data. Then add it as a widget to your website or chat with it through our integrations or API.


A revolutionary conversational AI chatbot that assists with text-based tasks, enhancing productivity and communication.


Create mind maps from one-line prompt or existing contents.


Just drop a PDF and chat about it.


An AI-powered WordPress code generator helping developers create and extend websites faster than ever.


Microsoft’s AI coding assistant that suggests relevant code snippets and completes code to help developers work more efficiently.

Crayon AI

An advanced image generator using AI to create stunning visuals directly from text descriptions.


Powerful language translator, better than Google Translator.


An AI-powered text-based video editor that simplifies editing by transcribing footage and allowing text edits.

Divi AI

A versatile AI assistant for WordPress that generates branded content and images tailored to your website as you build pages.

Docyt AI

Experience enterprise-level accounting automation with Docyt Al, a perfect partner for QuickBooks® users. The platform enhances QuickBooks® by managing all your accounting workflows, allowing you to concentrate on scaling your business. This synergy ensures your financial operations are efficient, accurate, and ready for growth.


Elementor is the leading website builder platform for professionals on WordPress. Elementor serves web professionals, including developers, designers, and marketers, empowering them to create stunning and highly optimized websites with ease.


An advanced form builder that enables users to create customized forms for signups, onboarding and more without coding.


An AI meeting assistant that transcribes discussions and makes conversations searchable, eliminating manual note-taking.


An AI voice generator turning text into audio and creating voiceover videos using stock media.

Freshworks Freddy

An AI-powered CRM and marketing automation platform driving customer engagement and relationship management.


Previously Bard, Gemini is the Google AI with updated content from Internet, and include references.

GitHub Copilot

An AI coding assistant that suggests code snippets and completes code to accelerate development.


An AI writing assistant that checks for grammar, spelling, punctuation and style errors to refine content.


A powerful AI content generator turning internet information into articles and blog posts automatically.


An AI vector illustration generator helping designers easily create unique images that are editable.

Uses stable diffusion for free AI art generation from text prompts in a simple interface.


Marketing intelligence and analytics: from data integration to instant insights and higher ROI.

Prepares users for job interviews by providing tailored mock interviews and feedback.


A versatile AI writing and marketing assistant for creating branded content, ads, emails and more.

Julius AI

With Julius, you can get the most out of your data.


An AI logo maker and brand asset generator empowering users to quickly create visual identities.

Lovo AI

Converts text to speech, offering many natural voices and languages to produce audio content.


Lusha helps you to generate high-quality leads at scale in minimum time. Find accurate emails and phone numbers & increase your lead CVR.


A conversational AI chatbot that provides personalized customer support and product recommendations.

Magic Studio

An AI design tool enabling easy creation of graphics and images without advanced skills.

Microsoft Copilot

AI Chatbot + Search engine that includes references, integrated in the browser Edge, and MS Office tools.


A leading AI image generator allowing users to create captivating visuals from text prompts.


A customizable text-to-speech generator offering audio voiceovers and a voice changer.


Covers the content process from ideation to execution, offering AI copywriting, SEO tools and more.


An AI social media manager that creates branded templates and graphics while scheduling content.

Opus Clip

Uses AI to break long videos into short, digestible social media clips.

Otter AI

Provides accurate voice meeting transcriptions with time stamps to simplify collaboration.


Generates high-performing digital ad campaigns encompassing ideas, designs, copy and more using AI.


AI Chatbot + Search engine that includes references.

Pictory AI

Creates visually engaging branded videos from long-form text using AI to optimize content.

Plus AI

Edits and creates presentations in Google Slides using generative AI, speeding up the process.


Platform of AI bots. There you can find Claude and many custom AI bots for specific tasks. 

Pro Rank Tracker

An AI SEO tool that tracks keyword rankings and provides ranking history reports.


Rephrasing tool that paraphrases text while preserving meaning to create unique content.


An AI WordPress plugin providing SEO recommendations to optimize content and increase traffic.


Manage your Receipts with AI and SMS. Save 97% of your time by uploading receipts to Xero or QuickBooks from your phone, without the need for internet. Text receipts with ease in just 5 seconds.

Leverages AI to automate personalized sales engagement sequences and manage responses.

Creates professional tailored resumes optimized for job applications using AI.

Retention Science

Analyzes ecommerce customer data to personalize campaigns improving loyalty and retention.


An AI writer tailored for SEO that generates optimized content informed by live data.


Converts any text format into natural audio content, even scanning printed text.

Support Board

Builds AI chatbots to improve customer support, reduce response times and more.

Surfer SEO

Optimizes content for search rankings by analyzing top pages and suggesting improvements.


Generates professional avatar videos from text scripts without relying on cameras or actors.


A powerful automated transcription service for audio and video content.

Optimize Accounts Payable, achieve lasting ROI, and make enlightened decisions with the most advanced AI platform for accounting and finance.


A versatile AI tool offering content creation, art generation and a chatbot assistant.


Quickly builds AI-powered WordPress websites with customization options.


Xmind AI is full-featured, cloud-based, and built for team collaboration. Anytime anywhere anyone in your team can call AI copilot for inspirational ideas.


AI has opened up new potential for small and online businesses. Powerful AI tools can help with:

Content creation – AI writing assistants like Jasper and Scalenut generate optimized blogs, social posts, emails and more.

Design – Looka, Midjourney and Magic Studio create logos, graphics and videos using AI.

Customer service – ChatGPT, Lyro and Support Board offer conversational AI chatbots.

Marketing – Adzooma, Ocoya and Pencil leverage AI for digital campaigns.

And other areas like Automation – Zapier, Hubspot and Reply automate repetitive tasks with AI.

AI enables small business to accomplish more in less time. With the right solutions, small businesses can work smarter and faster to drive results.

With solutions to automate repetitive work, engage customers, create content, and analyze data, AI enables businesses to scale new heights.

By adopting the AI tools that align with your business goals, even small companies can work smarter, faster and better position themselves for the future.

AI and Online Business

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