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PROMPTs are the inputs to interact with conversational AI tools, like ChatGPT. Sample of PROMPTs by the function.

In order to get better answers in conversational AI Tools, ask them to “act as” a person, software or OS, for example.

Approach ChatGPT in a different way, by defining a specific framework of parameters to get more precise outputs.

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PROMPTs carefully curated by us and organized by professional field. Custom Prompts design available.

by function

PROMPTS sample for a list of online activities, to create the perfect message in your website content, for marketing and social media. Select the function and then a perfect PROMPT to use in ChatGPT.

Revision date: 27.01.23

"act as"

These PROMPTS ask ChatGPT that act as if were someone or to run as if were a software.

Revision date: 27.01.23

by Frameworks

These PROMPTs create a specific environment.

Revision date: 27.01.23

AI Content

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AI add-ons

Exclusive for Website Plan customers

PROMPTs for Content Creators

Prompts bundle list for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube content creators. Social media prompts and Discount coupon code included.

PROMPTs for Email Marketers

Prompts bundle list of 370 Prompts for email marketers: email, cold emails and DMs. Discount coupon code included.

PROMPTs for Marketing, Content, Copy and Social Media

Prompts bundle list of 627 Prompts for Marketing, Content, Copy and Social Media: include prompts for Marketing, Content and Copywriting, Email and DMs, and Social Media. Discount coupon code included.

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PROMPTs for Web Design, SEO, Content and Copywriting

Prompts bundle list of 264 Prompts for Web Design, SEO, Content and Copywriting, and include a discount coupon code.

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PROMPTs for Online Entrepreneurs

Prompts bundle list of 278 Prompts for Business and Online Business, Content and Copywriting, and include a discount coupon code.

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PROMPTs for PROMPT Designers

Comprehensive list of 924 prompts for PROMPT Designers or engineers, in a Excel compatible file, classified by input conditions, prompt categories and related professional job field.

Plus 50 WordPress Prompts

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AI Content PROMPTs

Let us create custom prompts for you:

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AI PROMPTs for Teachers

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