SEO 2.0

We understand ChatGPT and other AI tools for Web Design and SEO are here to increase our productivity and expand our mind room for new ideas.

We’ve created a complete new space for AI Prompts and other tools for AI, called AI Studio. There you can find PROMPTs organized by activities and the way we feed the AI conversational programs, not only for SEO, web design and content creation but for other fields as well.

If you are ready to embrace the SEO 2.0 wave, don’t miss this opportunity to jump in the right way.



The relation between SEO and CRO is undeniable in 2023. Search Engine Optimization is already re-invented.

We believe that SEO has a purpose beyond web position and web traffic. We aim for a SEO that converts

What is SEO and CRO

Conversion rate optimization, often known as CRO, is the process of increasing your conversion rate by persuading site users to perform particular activities, such as making a purchase, downloading a PDF, or signing up for a subscription.

The primary goal of SEO and CRO is to optimize the whole process, from website optimization up to conversion. Your conversion rate will also increase as your marketing becomes more optimized

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Our Website Plans are fully optimized for SEO and CRO. The layout and structure are designed from zero to a conversion machine that works for your business goal.

Empathy Map

Why an Empathy Map?

An empathy map is useful for a SEO analysis because it helps to understand the target audience’s needs, desires, and pain points related to SEO. It provides a visual representation of the audience’s perspective, which can help in developing an effective SEO strategy that meets their needs and expectations.

Identifying pain points

Understanding motivations

Tailoring communication

Identifying opportunities


What the user might say out loud or think to themselves about the product or service.


This quadrant captures what the user does in relation to the product or service.



This quadrant captures what the user sees or experiences in relation to the product or service.


What the user hears from others or through various channels in relation to the product or service.


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SEO Kits

These ai4k SEO Kits are FREE. On the same philosophy of ai4k Kits, these SEO Kits are concentrated knowledge.

Are you aware of ChatGPT? Check these PROMPTs to boost your productivity.


Bundle SEO 2.0

ai4k Bundle SEO Theory is a comprehensive plan for your SEO Strategy. Bundle SEO Theory is a monthly plan that includes everything to improve your website organic performance on search engines.

ai4k Bundle SEO Content are SEO optimized posts, that strategically insert your business keywords to accelerate your website ranking on search engines.

Ads Campaign is a customized advertising campaigns in Google Search, Bing or Meta.

Marketing CRM Sales is a product that creates email marketing campaigns.


SEO 2.0

Fast response to new Search Engines powered by Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence.

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