ai4k Web Kit

Install pre-build Kits and quickly learn how to use Elementor Pro to create Website and Ecommerce Designs.

What's included?

-Elementor Pro original license

-10 Elementor Kits:


Jump to Web Design Right Away!

We understand time and budget constraints can often hinder your progress. That’s why we’ve created ai4k Web Kit, the perfect solution designed specifically for individuals like you who are looking for an affordable and self-managed option.

With the ai4k Web Kit‘s Elementor Kits included, you no longer have to waste countless hours searching for the right Elementor setting or struggling to unravel the hidden secrets of Elementor Pro.

Our Elementor Kits are perfectly crafted to fit in your website with the Elementor Pro and Elementor Hello theme, in fact they are exported from this website Using Elementor kits helps you avoid loading additional Javascripts, especially when using third-party Elementor plugins. This improves your website’s speed, performance, and compatibility.

Why ai4k Web Kit?

  • One original Elementor Pro License cost almost 60 € today. Here your advantage is obvious: the price of the ai4k Web kit is 40 €. You save 20 € on the Elementor Pro original license right away and you get 10 Elementor Kits. This is a nice 33% discount.
  • If you follow the steps down below you will get 50% discount for one ai4k Web Kit, and get the Elementor Kits updates for one year (Free Pass) 
  • And if you want two, the discount is 62.5% discount. That means you are getting 2 licenses for the price of 1, isn’t that great?

License Expiration Date is Important

We assume the Expiration Date. Take a look at this:

When you buy an ai4k Web Kit, we will activate you license as soon we received your payment. The expiration date is one year after that day. You also receive your 10 Elementor Kits.

If you buy two ai4k Web Kits you can ask us for the activation of the second license in the next 6 months top. That means you are reserving the great 62.5% discount for 6 months! (Grace Period). However, we can’t activate the second license after the 6 months, but no worries we’ll let you know in advance. 

Bulk purchase with 6 months Grace period.

Yes, we have special prices for bulk purchase. Just contact me to talk about it.

The advantage to buy in bulk from us (3 or more ai4k Web Kits) instead of buying the 400 € subscription for 1000 licenses from Elementor company, is that we assume the expiration date.

When you buy the bulk we’ll give you a huge discount and the grace period of 6 months: you can ask us to activate your licenses at any moment during the first 6 months. Remember, if your don’t activate a license after the 6 months grace period you lose the chance to do it, at least at that price, which means you should pay the difference with the current price. It looks confusing but I promise is fair and transparent.

You can otherwise buy a 400 € subscription for 1000 licenses to Elementor company, but you need to pay again the next year 400 € to keep the used licenses activated. Remember you have a top of 1000 licenses, activated or not. In this case you assume the Expiration Date restriction. But if you buy licenses in bulk to us you don’t have to worry about expiration date: you literally pay what you get at the moment you need. If you need it after 6 months we’ll received what you pay for the remaining no-activated licenses as a pre-payment for new licenses, it means you pay the difference with the current price of the ai4k Web Kits.

This is a win-win never-lose deal!


Claim your entrance door to Web and Ecommerce Design the right way. Fill the form below and GET 50% discount and the FREE Pass now (Kits update the whole year).

Your online success story awaits!

Start here:

ai4k Web Kit setup:

  1. Join our Facebook Group: ChatGPT SEO ai4k.
  2. Complete the form above. After you fill the form you will receive the 50% Discount Coupon that you’ll introduce at the checkout page. 
  3. Download the zip file. Unzip the zip file in your computer.
  4. Read the README file, and follow the steps for installation of Elementor.
  5. Send me an email to proceed with the order confirmation (Facebook Group) and the activation of Elementor Pro.

To receive updates (Free Pass) of the Elementor Kits:

  1. Leave a review in Google My Business: ai4k Web Design
  2. Create a backlink to Domains with a Moz DA of 30 or more, please let me know for additional freebies 🎁.

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