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ai4k LINK

ai4k LINK is a single landpage for profiles in Social Media that provides you a fast, reliable, and secure way to publish your user information, like other social media links, products that you sell with links to your store (online hosted or co-hosted), company objectives, affiliate links, etc. It’s totally customizable and tailored to your needs. ai4k LINK landpage will be hosted in and you can use your own domain name (redirected) or an URL shortener. This product includes the branding (logo and design), 3 content updates, and a free consultation about affiliate links and other ways to monetize your profile page.

Original price was: €180.Current price is: €140.

Additional information

ai4k LINK is also a starting point for your new website: if you buy any website with us (Basic, Value, or Pro) the cost of your ai4k LINK will be deducted, and we will transfer it to your new ai4k Website Plan totally free. 

Expiration date: 1 year.

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