ai4k Websites Pro8

ai4k Pro 8 is focused on eCommerce out of the box: systemic, functional, and stylish. Ready to work for you. ai4k Website Plan Pro8 now includes Store AI.

  • Description

    Product Description


    Online business out of the box: systemic, functional, and stylish. Ready to work for you.

    Pro8 is a 4 Landpages website that contains everything you need and more, in several pages and sections, with photos, videos, effects, and great style, perfect for your online business. Then you have 4 more simple pages: Cookies, Privacy, About, and the Blog page. The first two are required for the GDPR regulations. On the About page you can show information about your company, values, goals, etc.
    This Website Plan includes our top advanced product: Store AI


    4 Landpages
    1 Privacy Page
    1 Cookies Page
    1 About Page
    Branding Design
    1 year Hosting
    1 year Domain
    FREE Support
    Mobile and Tablet
    Simple Sliders
    Social Media
    GDPR ready
    SEO included
    4 Adv Forms AND
    4 Adv Sliders
    Blog page
    Store AI
    Cloud Set-Up


    1 Year 24/7 website monitoring

    8 changes in the year period. 

    8 Website Content Updates in the year period.

    Website maintenance

    GDPR compliance checks

    SEO updates

    8 Blog Content Updates as Editor

    8 Store Content Updates as Editor


    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) included in Pro8, provides the positioning in Google and other search engines, to guarantee the most internet exposition possible. This is a high conversion website. We will keep you updated with the Web Traffic Analytics reports. Your Pro8 website is free of threats and spam due to the Enhanced Security included.

    Our promise “Peace of Mind” means we’ll take care of everything, including support and some changes in 1 year period after your website is online. And, if you need more features or make more changes, or update the content (Content Updates), you can buy it on the Website Store. You can also get one more year of the Support period. Check Support Upgrade for Pro8. We are going to design your Brand (logo, colors, etc.) if you haven’t done it yet. We are going to configure the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which means your website will be always in compliance with the latest European regulations.

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