Professional Time

Use Time for additional design or re-design that is not covered in other products (new custom design or big modifications). And for other activities like Coaching, Programming, or Assessment.

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  •  Design
  •  Coaching
  •  Programming
  •  Assessment

kr 500

Additional information

Please remember that your Website Plan comes with some changes included in the one year period, as the Support Upgrades.

Changes are small modifications on website configuration (change a font type, a text or a photo, change the background color, add or modify a link, menu changes, etc). Changes are different from Content Updates (which are just for adding content like text, images, or videos). You can use Time to add 4 more changes if you need it.

If you need an additional Page (no Landpage) or Notifications setup, use one Time.

Please find more info in  Websites Plans

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