Store AI


Store AI is an advanced add-on that creates an online store in the Value7 Website Plans, and it is included by default in the Pro8 Website Plan.

    •  Store Landpage
    •  Product page
    •  Cart page
    •  Checkout page
    •  1000 editor products
    • Check out with Paypal, which includes debit and credit cards
    • Product image classification using Artificial Intelligence
  • Description

    Product Description

    Synchronization with different external product providers should be quoted separately.

    Dropshipping is available using the advanced add-on Dropshipping.

    You can add other special payments like Klarna, and other payment processors like Apple Pay using the product Payments.

    Additional products as Content Updates.

    Multicurrency and multilanguage are available using the products Multicurrency and Multilanguage for Stores.

    Add-on duration: 1 year. Note: this product requires a customer account for Microsoft Azure, which includes AI images classification for free until a certain amount, then requires a pay-as-you-go plan depending of the number of images and server location.

    Please find more info in  Websites Plans


    ai4k klarna payment

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