Advanced Product Filtering

Advanced Product Filtering is the perfect companion for stores requiring a top level of granularity in the selection of products. If your store has a complex product structure, Advanced Product Filtering will provide a set of filters and sorting features that will make the search and selection of products for your customer easy and error-free.

Advanced Product Filtering is a strong tool for arranging and filtering the products in your e-commerce business. Customers can find the things they’re seeking for fast and effortlessly thanks to the advanced filtering options it offers. Categories, colors, sizes, prices, and a variety of other characteristics can all be used as filtering criteria to reduce the number of available products.

Customers can even design their own unique filters with Advanced Product Filtering and save them for later use. Customers no longer need to travel through numerous pages of the site in order to access their favorite selection of products. Additionally, it enables sellers to develop several filter choices for various product types, making it simple for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Any ecommerce store aiming to enhance their customers’ shopping experiences and boost revenues must have Advanced Product Filtering on hand. It gives business owners the flexibility to design a store that is easier to navigate and is more organized, which streamlines browsing for customers and helps them discover the things they’re looking for.

-Active filters may be easily calibrated to operate correctly with both the primary and supplemental providers on the same page.

-Display search results on Google Maps and combine two distinct listing grids into a single filtering mechanism.

-Let users utilize the faceted search system’s many filters to display only alternatives that are relevant to them on the page.

-All filters use AJAX technology to immediately reload results, ensuring a seamless and streamlined experience.

-Effectively provide only the choices that are pertinent to clients, facilitating quick discovery of requested goods. To make things even easier, use the counter feature of the Indexer to display how many items are in each category.



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