Cartoon AI images with Midjourney

For this post about AI-Generated Images we use Midjourney to generates cartoon and hyperrealistic AI images.



AI Generated Images


In order to attain a hyper-realistic look, I experimented with generating a very detailed rendering, in this case, a Tarsier and a Lizard.

Seed phrases for professional lighting and high-performance rendering engines were used as well in this case, and we can observe the power of Midjourney, which generates great quality images in two or three iterations. We use also top names in the world of animated movies and cartoons.

While certain artifacts were seen, image and lightning are almost perfectly finished.

The character should be modeled first in software like 3DS, Maya or Blender, and add the fur or scales, and finally the lights points.

For this quality level, a very complex settings and rendering parameters should be added to the model.

In around 20 or more hours, a skilled 3D designer can produce a comparable image with similar quality.

With the right Prompt, Midjourney can produce a functional image in as little as 15 minutes.

You can use these images for web design, and any digital illustrations.

A comment below and I’ll send you the prompt for Midjourney.

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