Ready to ramp up your online business? Try ChatGPT and Google Sheets working together

ChatGPT and Google Sheets are a mind-blowing duo: just connect your OpenAI account to Google Sheets and get serial ChatGPT answers in seconds. Easy Step-by Step instructions here, go ahead.

ChatGPT and Google Sheets for Online Business

Organizing and Analyzing Data

Spreadsheets are a terrific way for web owners and e-commerce store administrators to organize enormous volumes of data in a comprehensible way.

Web owners in particular may find this helpful as they often need to manage many projects or customers with varying budgets and schedules. With the use of spreadsheets, you may easily sort and filter data to obtain the information you need. 

Managers of online stores can track sales, inventory, and customer information using spreadsheets as well. Spreadsheets may be used to build graphs and charts that make it simple to see data patterns and display data. This can assist managers in making wise choices regarding inventory levels, pricing, and marketing tactics.

Financial Management and Forecasting

Spreadsheets can be used for budgeting and forecasting as well. Spreadsheets can assist managers in forecasting future sales and expenses since they allow for the creation of algorithms and calculation. This is particularly helpful for e-commerce stores since it enables management to prepare for changes in demand or unforeseen costs.

Spreadsheets can also be used to monitor and manage financial data, including sales, costs, and profit margins. This can aid online business owners in making wiser judgments and enhancing their bottom line.

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ChatGPT and Online Business

For online enterprises, ChatGPT is a potent tool because it may aid in automation, data analysis, and organizing. Using ChatGPT has many benefits, one of which is its capacity to comprehend natural language and offer precise and pertinent responses to a variety of queries.

Online organizations that may need to quickly access and evaluate data from numerous sources may find this to be especially helpful. Businesses may quickly gather information from various sources and display it in a comprehensible fashion using ChatGPT. Managers may use this information to decide on price, inventory levels, and marketing tactics. Additionally, repetitive processes like data entry and analysis can be automated using ChatGPT.

ChatGPT can also be integrated with spreadsheets via for example a Google Sheet extension. That will led you tho get the same results from ChatGPT, in a serial manner.

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Automation and Productivity Boosting with a ChatGPT extension for Google Sheets

Using a Google Sheets extension that links to ChatGPT is one method to increase productivity even more. With the help of this extension, you may quickly and repeatedly learn about your data’s patterns in sales, demographics of its clients, and inventory levels. This can help you make smarter judgments more quickly and save you even more time and effort. Spreadsheets can also be utilized to automate and streamline the client reporting process.

Spreadsheets enable calculation and formula creation, enabling SEOs to gather data from numerous sources and present it in a comprehensible manner. This can save SEOs time and guarantee that clients receive accurate and recent campaign information.

Step by Step instructions on how to connect ChatGPT to your Google Sheet

  1. Create an account in OpenAI to have access to ChatGPT. Use a Google email.
  2. Find the Open AI API key.
  3. Download the extension GPT for Sheets.
  4. Follow the extension to copy the API key and use the extension.

The best way to utilize the Google Extension GPT for Sheets is to put the PROMPT in one column and the Value in the next column, then copy down the rows for your other Values and PROMPTs. The third column is where the magic happens: the formula that connects the spreadsheet with ChatGPT.



The use of the free OpenAI API key for ChatGPT is a trial and is limited. After some time it will stop working (the use, not the specific key) and you should buy a subscription for this kind of applications.


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Overall, spreadsheets are an essential tool for online entrepreneurs, as they provide a simple and efficient way to organize and analyze data. They can help with organizing and analyzing data, financial management and forecasting, and automation and productivity boosting.

With the use of of ChatGPT and a  Google Sheets extension, it can even provide more accurate and up-to-date data, thus making better decisions faster.

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