The Route to the disappointment city and how to overcome a customer support disorder

The city of disappointment is that place where your customers teleport when you don’t listen to them due to your customer support disorder.


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The Route to the Disappointment City

By prioritizing the customer needs and ensuring that they receive excellent service and support, you can build a loyal customer base that will return time and time again.

Support is proportional to the defects and compatibility problems of your product, so by taking the time to invest in quality support, you can help prevent issues from arising in the first place.

To overcome a customer support disorder, it’s also essential to cultivate a culture of empathy and transparency within your company.

This means taking the time to understand your customers’ needs and ensuring that they feel heard and valued.

By being honest and transparent in your communication, you can build trust and credibility with your customers, and create a positive experience that they will remember. 

So don’t be afraid to take the leap and prioritize quality support – it’s a small investment that can pay off in big ways!

The roadmap is for your customers

When you publish a roadmap you must understand that the roadmap is not for your company, on how you see your product offers increase based on your internal operations and profit, but instead on how your value proposition is still valid for the growth of your customers.

Idea and Product are secondary to Support

If you have an idea, from there to an implemented and profitable product there is a long way.

If you don’t provide the support that keeps the excellent experience for the user when they bought your product, they will start to overthink and they will reach the city of disappointment, where your competitors will nicely welcome them. This way is shorter.

Support is sacred, not public

Having a free product that is maintained by the user base (e.g. is a completely different thing than having a premium product (e.g. Elementor) that you as a company owner pretend to provide it support by using your user base.

That is work you must do, quickly and effectively where your user communicates directly with your brand.

Be brave, all the time

If you have the wrong idea to use a social network (like a Facebook Group) as a medium for customer support in a public fashion, be brave to accept the criticism and act in the best honest, and most transparent way.

Otherwise, you will look weak. And if you ban and censure those disappointed users you will quickly become a sect. 

That is the worst possible scenario for your brand and company.

Customer Support is proportional to the defects

Customer Support is not proportional to your user base, is proportional to the defects and compatibility problems of your product.

If you don’t use statistics to define the layers of your customer support. its effectiveness will fall to dangerous places. 

If you contract cheap support for your customers, the only disappointment and rage tank from unsatisfied customers will be your brand.


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Don’t be fooled by the open mouths

Youtubers are begging for views, not using products. If you are looking for purchase advice or technical support on Youtube you should understand the nature of the economics behind it.

Don’t be fooled by the open mouths of youtube thumbnails and never blindly believe in product advertising from YouTubers: they are getting commissions from it, and they are not using the product in the same way you will.

No tricks

Never trap your customers in complex or tricky growth maps.

Be transparent and honest all the time, otherwise, that feeling of entanglement with your profit will arise soon and your customer will quickly arrive to the city of disappointment.

Double Check

If you solve a customer problem be completely sure that your customer is happy with the solution you provide (read again “you provide”, not your “support team”).

Never close a support ticket before double-checking that the solution satisfied the customer, no matter if the solution is for a simple or complex problem.

The second check must be done by an upper level, which will be responsible for customer satisfaction.

The brand destruction power of a disappointed user is exponential while your conversion rate for new users tends to be flat. Make your numbers.

Low Agreeableness and high Neuroticism

Empathy for your customers must be alive in every corner of your company, in every customer touch point.

Make personality tests for your personnel in close contact with customers and take out those with low Agreeableness and high Neuroticism. 

That could be a challenge for personnel selection, in the case of software and technology companies, because those who are better in technical support usually lack of empathy and are very low in Agreeableness.

Avoid Quality Dissonance

Avoid at all costs the quality dissonance between the quality of your product and the quality of your support.

That should match in some way, all the time.

Otherwise the confusion for your customer will make them doubt your transparency, coherence, and authenticity. Maybe they’ll keep your product but they won’t buy from you again.

How to overcome a provider with support disorder

I have always thought that people with high IQs will dominate the technology scene and thus the world.

Given the above, now I think if that happens it will be chaos a kind of cyberpunk dystopian situation where a bunch of high technology companies will be bumping each other by manipulating people and eventually trap them in their ecosystem of products.

I can see some flickering glitches of that not-so-far dystopian future in companies with high quality dissonance and customer support disorder.

That is happening today, just look around, because of the lack of control in the havens that represent the technology fields on the internet.

If you have had an unsolved support problem with a company for a faulty product, then you have seen the glitch.

Some people think that Creativity is the last goal for Artificial Intelligence systems, and the last months are proven the opposite: ChatGPT and Midjourney are showing very high level of creativity.

The lack of factuality though and their connection with reality are their big problem now, and with it the lack of Empathy and Ethics.

If you observe in your provider a quality dissonance or a support disorder, change the provider or use an ethical middleman that can deal with that situation.

Just ethics will save us from that dystopian future dominated by “machines” with customer support disorder.

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