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Functional features

All Website Plans include these features by default.
Each Website Plan has its own added features.

And then you have the Website Store with wonderful add-ons
that fit seamlessly into the website.


Logo design or re-design. Color palette and the Typography are perfectly integrated in an aesthetic website design, according to your targets.


Website Plans have one year of Cloud Hosting: the same reliable and top-notch technology. Our Cloud Hosting provider is in Europe.


The domain name for your website is provided for up to $15.00 for new Website Plans or upgrades. Domain transfer is FREE when you have your own domain.


1 year of FREE support: daily backups, optimizations, FREE software and SEO updates, 24/7 uptime checks. Spam and Virus protection.


Website Plans are full responsive for any device and Internet browser: computer, smartphone, tablet, smartTV, and everything in between.


Sliders with effects and animation are also included. Advanced Sliders with amazing effects can be added in the Website Store separately.


Custom icons of your social media accounts fit perfectly into the overall design of your website. Included logo image sized appropriately.


Software used on ai4k Websites is GDPR compliant. Constant checks are made to ensure that your Website Plan complies with your Privacy Policy.


All websites are fully optimized to appear in the Google Search Page by the domain name, and by searching in the Google Maps Page. 


Every website include a Privacy Page that specifies what information is collected from visitors or users and how it will be used.


The software installed on your website may use Cookies. The Cookies Page explains how they work and why the visitor should give consent or not.


The About Us Page shown website owner details and physical address. It can include as well company’s values, goal, objectives, a map, etc.

Technical Specs

All website plans include these Technical Specifications.


SSL is provided free of charge. SSL certificates are required for secure website online transactions and keep customer data private and protected with 256-bit SSL encryption.


Enjoy the benefits of servers and data centers globally distributed and close to the point of use (your location), where you obtain a fast-loading website with high availability.


Full and automatic backups are performed on a daily or timed basis. This gives you extra security and keeps your website online at all times. Functional restores included.


All Website Plans comes with 100 GB of bandwidth, 20 GB for storage and up to 100,000 unique visitors per month. All the power, capacity and best performance you website needs.


20 e-mail accounts and an unlimited number of addresses, which can be pointed to one or more of your email accounts and/or forwarded to external email addresses.


Performance 90+ in Desktop and 80+ in mobile using Google’s Lighthouse Chrome Extension. 100 score for Accessibility, SEO and Best Practices. 100 perfect score with add-on.

Three websites that perfectly fit different needs and budgets. Build websites from the “simple” and add “complexity” later when you’re ready.

Website Plan features

You have an idea, or you visualize a problem solution. That is the 10% of a profitable business. You need leverage and Basic4 Website Plan is the perfect start.

You visualize a product or a service. You may need a business model or a passive income. Value7 Website Plan is right there to help you walk through it.

You’re already selling product or a service. Pro8 Website Plan is a powerful companion in your business adventure and future financial freedom.

1 landpage

Basic4 Website Plan includes all Functional Features plus 1 Landpage.

A landpage or landing page contains up to 10 sections, more than enough to express your idea or showcase your product or service.

The sections are screen-sized divisions that show your message in different ways: when you scroll down you will see those 10 sections one after another.

You can add more landing pages, single pages or more add-ons later.

3 landpages

3 Landpages equals 30 sections to accurately structure your message to your audience. Also, this website plan includes the Functional Features.

Let’s say one Landpage for your company, a second Landpage for your product or service, and still, you have a third Landpage for additional products or services. Don’t worry, we’ll help you focus on what’s most important.

Plus, you have an additional single page for other purposes. The number 7 means that you have 3 Landpages plus 4 pages in total. 

In addition, Value7 includes the Advanced Forms or the Advanced Sliders add-on: you choose which add-on best suits your website. Whichever you choose, the design of 2 forms or 2 sliders is included.

4 landpages

Functional features plus 4 landing pages, 4 advanced forms, 4 advanced sliders, analytics reports, and enhanced security. Also one additional page for any purpose.

This Website Plan also includes all the functionality of an out-of-the-box ecommerce store: product page template, cart page, checkout page, and a payment system. In short: 4 landing pages, 3 pages (cookies, privacy, about) + 1 additional page. And 3 more pages for the store: 11 webpages in total!

Pro8 is a tailor-made, fully customizable ecommerce store website that will perfectly match your product or service offering.

All Website Plans include Content Updates and Changes as part of the 1 Year of FREE Support.

Content Updates and Changes

4 Changes
4 Content Updates
GDPR checks
SEO updates

8 Changes
8 Content Updates
GDPR checks
SEO updates

8 Changes
8 Content Updates
GDPR checks
SEO updates
8 Post updates
8 Product updates


The Support is a year dedicated to the total maintenance of your website.

We only use the best providers with the best technology to build websites that converts.

Check our FAQ section and
Web Design Definitions for more answers.

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