What are ChatGPT Plugins. The little pieces of software that will change everything.

ChatGPT with plugins is a new strategy happening in the Search Engine war front. ChatGPT Plugins will attack with high precision, laser kind, and rescue the customer from Google’s conversion enchantment, while the first battalion of Bing + ChatGPT keeps the enemy frozen in the backyard.

ChatGPT Plugins

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What are the ChatGPT Plugins

Technically they are pieces of software that a user installs in their own ChatGPT which guarantees more tokens and access to places where ChatGPT (or OpenAI) can’t.

Which data does ChatGPT use?

As you already may know OpenAI trained the ChatGPT model with data from a lot of public information, but it doesn’t have access to the web.

Text databases from the internet were used to train the model. This contained a staggering 570GB of material that was collected from books, webtexts, Wikipedia, articles, conversations, and other online literature. Even more precisely, the algorithm was fed 300 billion words.

ChatGPT Plugins Function

OpenAI is creating its plugins, as well as allowing third-party plugins to be used with its ChatGPT language model. For example, if ChatGPT struggles with math, a calculator plugin can be added to help.

Current plugins allow ChatGPT to do tasks like browsing the internet and shopping.

OpenAI plans to have a Plugin Store, similar to iTunes, where users can obtain or buy third-party plugins. These plugins can automate tasks based on a user’s prompts, like a to-do list.

However, ChatGPT plugins are not available to everyone yet. They are currently in a “limited alpha” release for developers and insiders, and those interested can join a waitlist. OpenAI is prioritizing a small number of developers and ChatGPT Plus users.

If you have access to the limited alpha release, you can test out the ChatGPT plugins. But if you’re just curious about how they work, keep in mind that plugins can assist ChatGPT with tasks it struggles with, and they can be obtained through a Plugin Store.

What is your confidence level in ChatGPT 4?

ChatGPT 4 is not AGI, but ChatGPT 10 maybe. That is what Sam Altman says. Check the video in our Facebook Group: ChatGPT SEO ai4k.


ChatGPT Plugins access the Internet

OpenAI owns ChatGPT plugins that will add internet browsing and programming capabilities to ChatGPT.

Internet browsing will be needed for other plugins to work, as you can deduct here.

The codex capabilities are almost a direct competitor with the GitHub Copilot from  Microsoft. Well, they are the same people now.

Will ChatGPT access my website?

Some weeks ago I wrote ChatGPT and its disruption on search engines and SEO: 40 Q&A, with a lot of information on the current status of ChatGPT vs Search Engines.

There I discussed how Neeva and other new Search Engines are having problems accessing the websites because the website owners block them via robot.txt, to avoid others than Google accessing the websites to avoid SPAM and performance issues.

The website’s data fed in ChatGPT use the information that is in Common Crawl which honors those robot.txt settings. Now with ChatGPT using plugins, history has changed. We are witnessing a new strategy from the duo Microsoft Bing and ChatGPT.

These ChatGPT plugins are on the way:


Is ChatGPT the Google Killer?

ChatGPT + Plugins is another Search Engine

If you are an SEO expert, you should know that the conversion is complete after several stages. Conversion is any user step towards our products or services.

Conversion Stages

There can be more if we add granularity to the process, but basically, these stages are:


This happens when an user is just looking for information about some product or service.


This happens when the user is comparing two or more providers of these products or services.


This is when the user is already a customer and the provider keeps the user engage to its side.

Search Engines Before and After

Google usually covers the first 2 stages, providing this user with the information for a purchase, which is a link to a provider’s website.

How Google do that

Google is the main reference for web searches. User uses Google in the main two stages, and by the way, Google will try to fit in their own product or services. As you may noticed there are two “users” traveling different paths that converge: the Google user and the website (provider) user. The Google user and the provider user problem is explained in our article about SEO 2.0: SEO strategy in the AI renaissance of 2023.

ChatGPT with plugins creates a Bypass

Now history has changed. Companies can use the ChatGPT audience, and utilize a plugin to detour them to their products and services, without the need to go to search engine links.

ChatGPT + Plugins are attacking the first and second stages directly, the plugin will do the third, a complete bypass of the search engine.

How Can I give access to ChatGPT plugins?


ChatGPT + Plugins and Data

Can ChatGPT access real online data?

Yes, with the new plugin Browsing from OpenAI. This plugin will give ChatGPT similar capabilities as Bing + ChatGPT, with reference links as well.

Can ChatGPT be able to upload documents or images?

Yes, the new plugin Retrieval from OpenAI will allow the user to load images or documents from their computer to be analyzed by ChatGPT.

Does ChatGPT have memory?

It will soon, information will be stored in an external database.

What are the ChatGPT actions?

Apart from its recommendations from the LLM, ChatGPT now counts with recommendations plugins that create actions, like reserving a table, sending messages and, shopping, everything from inside the ChatGPT interface.

Is ChatGPT good at math?

Not yet, but Wolfram Alpha will release their plugin soon.

The Conversion Enchantment

Google has kept users spellbound with its, and it must be said, good service with the search engine. But they have achieved this by openly cheating website owners and SEOs 1.0, but not anymore. We are witnessing how the Google empire fades before our very eyes.

Bing and every CoPilot of Microsoft are in the regiment’s front, covering Google’s Search Engine as people know it, and those Google’s services that fit in the search engine ecosystem.

OpenAI always says ChatGPT is not a search engine, and yeah, they are right for the big majority of people, but not for SEO’s 2.0.

ChatGPT is the trojan horse and the plugins are the high-precision SEALs that will execute the customer rescue.

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