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Digital skills for online entrepreneurs in 2024

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Digital skills in the AI environment

A solid set of digital skills is essential for success in today’s digital environment, regardless of the industry. There are many different digital skills that might make you stand out in the job market and enhance your career, from design and development to social media marketing and data analysis.

AI tools are also becoming more and more crucial for online business of all kinds, in addition to conventional digital capabilities. These tools can aid with work automation, increase productivity, and offer insightful information that can be helpful when making decisions. In this article, we’ll examine the many digital abilities and AI tools necessary for success in the digital era.

10 Current Facts around Digital Skills

Sure, here are 10 current facts about digital skills:

  1. High Demand: According to a survey by the European Commission, about 90% of jobs in the EU require some level of digital skills . This means that digital skills are no longer just for tech jobs; they are essential for success in almost any field.

  2. Pandemic Effect: The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for digital skills, with many businesses and organizations shifting to remote work and digital platforms for communication and collaboration.

  3. Reskilling and Upskilling: The World Economic Forum has predicted that by 2025, half of all employees will require reskilling and upskilling in digital skills. This is due to the rapid pace of technological change and the increasing automation of jobs.

  4. Economic Benefits: Digital skills are not just important for individuals; they also have significant economic benefits for countries. A study by Accenture found that improving digital skills could boost the GDP of the G20 countries by $1.5 trillion by 2025.

  5. Bridging the Gender Gap: Digital skills can help bridge the gender gap in the workforce, as they enable women to access remote work and flexible job opportunities.

  6. Social Mobility: Digital skills can also have a positive impact on social mobility, as they can provide individuals with the tools they need to access better job opportunities and improve their economic situation.

  7. Lifelong Learning: Digital skills are constantly evolving, so it is important to be committed to lifelong learning. There are many online and offline resources available to help you learn new digital skills.

  8. Start Early: It is never too early to start learning digital skills. There are many programs and resources available to help children and young people develop their digital skills.

  9. Not Location Dependent: With digital skills, you can work from anywhere in the world. This opens up a world of possibilities for those who are looking for more flexibility in their work lives.

  10. Empowerment: Digital skills can empower you to take control of your life and career. They can help you learn new things, connect with others, and find new opportunities.

List of digital skills to work as online entrepreneur

Web design and development

Possessing an understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript among other tools will enable you to build and maintain a professional website.

Despite the fact there are some new AI tools for website design, the website design activity is dynamic, time consuming, and riddle with half-truths. If your website doesn’t appear in the first 5 pages of Google search, your website literally doesn’t exist. And, if it appears but the potential customer is not clicking in your website link, you’ve lost your time and money. To avoid that from happening a professional SEO monthly plan should be carried out.

We recommend you outsource this activity and focus in your business operation and on other digital skill, like understanding how to converse with ChatGPT for example to get an structured vision of your business, and why not, get a general knowledge of the components required to have and maintain a website. 

A macro vision is where you will find the most benefit from AI tools to run your online business. That will help you qualify what your tech providers are selling to you, in this case, the website design service. 

In, we provide 3 Website Plans for those who lack web design knowledge and skills, or for those who prefer to focus on the the business activity instead of the technology behind them.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Knowing how to make your website more visible to search engines and draw in more visitors might help you grow your business. Data analysis is the most important digital skill today.

Data analysis, in one way or another, is the main core of any online business. Apart from having a converting website, the other coin side is to set and keep updating the way you collect and interpret the data from your visitor and customer. Doing this the right way can be immensely time-consuming, that’s why we recommend outsourcing this activity to SEO experts as well.

Remember, there is no a standard and fast solution for SEO. This is a changing and complex activity that should be assessed in a customized way. Your new digital skill would be the use of AI productivity tools to react faster to changes in market conditions.

Social media marketing:

Knowing how to use sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to market your company and interact with clients can be helpful. Unless your business focus is content creation like Influencers for example, the use of Automation Tools can be another workflow that will take a lot of time of your process. Automation can be great tool for delivering content but should be constantly supervised. Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a possibility that you may outsource because is extremely related to the website SEO performance.

As a online entrepreneur your digital skill is to focus in the overall marketing information and its relation with CRM tools for example.

Email marketing

By understanding how to develop and distribute powerful email campaigns, you can nurture leads and turn them into paying customers. 

Material development and management

Producing high-quality content and properly managing it can help you draw in and keep customers. Creating text content is a must today to keep ranking your website’s keywords. 

Can google detect ai content?

The short answer is yes, but there is solution. ChatGPT and similar AI tools for text generation are incredible good, just be aware that Google may detect and penalize content that is not written for humans, showing empty meaning or redundant concepts. Revise and check your AI content before publish.

Form content or documents management, we recommend user-friendly tools like a simple notepad and editor, spreadsheets, and extensions for your browser.

Sophisticated tools like Notion or similar require a lot of your thinking room, and believe me, with the use of AI tools you will increase your productivity in no time, so you may need your creativity and energy for the new content creation process instead.

Video editing and production

Having a working knowledge of video editing software and production methods can be useful if you want to produce videos for your company.

AI tools for creating videos is a new trend that you should check. In fact understand all type of data conversions via AI is a necessary knowledge today.

Graphic design

Being able to produce aesthetically appealing graphics and marketing materials can make you stand out and help you communicate your business message clearly. Using AI for images generation can help you reduce costs and streamline your process.

The use of Artificial Intelligence Tools is the second most important digital skill today. There is a new digital skill you should have in order to work with AI tools for images, video or text generation: the creation of the called “Prompts“. 

Project management

Maintaining organization and ensuring the smooth operation of your business can both be facilitated by having the capacity to manage a variety of activities and projects successfully. Check the AI productivity tools below.

Artificial Intelligence Content

The New Digital Skill: type Prompts

Having a strong set of digital skills is essential for online entrepreneurs looking to succeed in the digital age. From web design and development to social media marketing and data analysis, there are many skills that can help you stand out and grow your online business.

In addition, using AI tools can help automate tasks, improve efficiency, and provide valuable insights for decision-making.

However, it’s important to use the Prompt correctly when interacting with these AI tools to ensure that you get the most accurate and relevant answers.

Data analysis and the use of AI tools are the first and second most important digital skills for 2024 and the years to come, however the precise conversation with artificial intelligence programs is the digital skill that may englobe those two.

While machine learning and deep learning, neural networks, but especially the new generation of language models, contribute to closing the systemic thinking gap, the correct use of the Prompt, which is the indivisible particle in these systems, may create the opposing effect as well.

High systemic thinking people will benefit and will be way more productive, while the rest of the population will be newly divided between those who can converse with the AI (typing the correct Prompt) and those who won’t be able to do it. In some way, AI is helping us, but not all of us.

By staying up to date on the latest digital skills and AI tools, online entrepreneurs can stay ahead of the competition and achieve their business goals.

New Digital Skills In The AI Era

Here’s what we’re seeing in terms of new and in-demand skills for the AI era:

  1. AI Literacy: Understanding the basics of AI, its capabilities, and limitations is crucial. This allows individuals to effectively collaborate with AI tools and critically evaluate their outputs.

  2. Data Fluency: As AI thrives on data, data analysis, data visualization, and data storytelling are becoming increasingly important. Being able to work with data effectively will be essential for many roles.

  3. Human-Centered Design (HCD) with AI: While AI automates tasks, human expertise remains vital in designing and implementing AI solutions that are user-friendly, ethical, and solve real-world problems.

  4. Automation Expertise: The ability to automate workflows and processes using AI tools will be valuable across various industries.

  5. Cybersecurity with AI: As AI becomes more sophisticated, so do cybersecurity threats. Understanding AI-powered cyber threats and developing AI-powered security solutions will be in high demand.

  6. Explainable AI (XAI): With the growing use of AI, ensuring transparency and understanding how AI reaches decisions is critical. Skills in XAI will be important for building trust in AI systems.

  7. Content Creation with AI: AI-powered content creation tools are on the rise. The ability to leverage these tools for tasks like copywriting, social media content creation, and design will be valuable.

  8. Machine Learning Literacy: While not everyone needs to be a machine learning engineer, a basic understanding of machine learning concepts will be beneficial for many roles. This will allow individuals to better understand how AI systems work and how to interact with them effectively.

  9. Ethical Considerations of AI: As AI continues to develop, ethical considerations become paramount. Skills in identifying and mitigating bias in AI systems, ensuring data privacy, and developing AI solutions that are fair and responsible will be crucial.

  10. Adaptability and Continuous Learning: The AI landscape is constantly changing. The ability to adapt, learn new skills quickly, and stay up-to-date on the latest AI developments will be essential for thriving in the AI era.

AI Tools For Entrepreneurs

Crazy how fast AI is changing the game for online businesses these days, right?! As its powers increase, new AI tools keep popping up that use machine learning and generative AI to speed up and supercharge different parts of your online operations.

Whether you want to create content, analyze your site, boost search rankings or streamline processes, AI has you covered. We’ve put together some carefully sorted lists jam-packed with specific AI tools for online businesses. Browse through categories like content generation, analytics, SEO and workflow automation – something in there is bound to spark your interest. Take a look and let me know if any stand out!

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