What is a Keyword?

Keywords are words or phrases used to search on Google. Keywords are commercialized in a betting process when you want to place an ad on the Google search page for example. Very competitive keywords like “flight ticket” or “website design” included in ads are sold at a higher price, which means you need a higher budget to produce the results you want: ads clicks, website clicks, etc.

SEO optimized websites and ecommerce stores can gain positions on Google Search Index by using keywords strategically inserted in the content. Web positioning depends however of multiple factors. Check: How to rank a website.

Positioning a keyword, sustainably over time, and in the shortest possible time is a complex task, in fact we are literally trying to beat an algorithm using AI, whose variables are arbitrary, changing, interdependent, feedback-regulated, and in unknown time ranges.

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What is keyword research?

In order to have our website appear in Google when users search for such terms, keyword research entails identifying a set of keywords or search terms that are relevant to our brand.

The keyword research will always be one of the first steps to take as these search terms will serve as the framework around which we will organize all of our SEO strategies.

A good keyword research strategy

  1. The long-tail keyword relevance has something to do with our goods and services.
  2. The suitability to our business goals. For instance, if we want to convert, we should look for terms with strong buying intent.
  3. Have a certain number of searches.
  4. Don’t have too much competition.

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