Business: the way to work in Norway in 2022

Jobs in Norway are unique: scarce for foreigners who are not fully integrated into the Norwegian culture. Starting a business in Norway is a possibility for some, although it is not exempt from difficulties. We will try to summarize the steps you need to take to start doing business in Norway.

Business: the way to work in Norway in 2022

Business: is right for me?

To be honest with you, it depends. Starting a business requires systemic thinking, and not all people have that competence. In any case, you may try and see what areas of the business you can easily deliver, and delegate those other complex parts that require specific knowledge and skills. You may not have too much time to design a website for example or to do the accounting tasks by the other hand. Delegate and outsourcing are the key here, and focus on rising that idea and making it a profitable way to work in Norway.

Small Business in Norway

Outline all the pros and cons of your idea, product or service and immerse yourself in the knowledge about how to start a business in Norway.

Whether it is a traditional business or an online business, you must have a company registration number in Norway.

Doing Business in Norway

Now you can decide what type of company to register. Sole proprietorship or Limited Liability Company, in Norway: Enkeltpersonforetak and AS, respectively.

Whether those are almost standard concepts, there are small local differences, most of them due to the Norwegian welfare system. Keep reading and check the particularities of doing business in Norway.


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How to start a business: Costs

How to start a business in Norway

Before starting a business in Norway please read first this information about How to start a business in Norway from

Company registration number Norway

Now is time to register the company. Just go to Brønnøysund Register Center and get the company registration number for Norway.

Foreign Business

If you have a foreign business and want to operate here, you will need a company registration number in Norway. Please visit: Registration obligations for foreign limited companies in Norway.

How to register a company in Norway? Step by Step

To register a company in Norway, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a name for your company and make sure it is unique by checking with the Brønnøysund Register Centre.
  2. Register your company with the Brønnøysund Register Centre. This can be done online or in person at a service center.
  3. Obtain a Norwegian national identity number and a D-number if you are not a Norwegian citizen.
  4. Register for value-added tax (VAT) with the Norwegian Tax Administration.
  5. Obtain any necessary business licenses or permits.
  6. Register with the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV) to obtain a payroll account.
  7. Hire any employees and register them with the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV).
  8. It is recommended to seek the advice of a legal professional or consulting firm when registering a company in Norway to ensure that you complete all necessary steps and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

How much to start a small business?

Starting a business in Norway can be more pricey than in other places, but still is understandable, again because of the Norwegian welfare system. Registration is free for the Sole Proprietorship and a small fee for doing the information public. The LLC registration cost is more due to the associated capital for the company foundation.

Website Design

If you start an online business or a traditional street-side business, you must have a website. There are plenty of options to choose for and I recommend checking How to pick a website designer and what we offer at


You may visit: Trademark application to NIPO (for non-citizens) in

SEO or Marketing

Through SEO strategy or a traditional marketing you should seriously think in a way to promote your business.

Value Added Tax VAT

At some point, after your sales pass the VAT registration threshold you should start to add the tax to your products or services. You will find that information here and you can register here.

One website type for each business stage. 

Business vs Online Business

A street-side or brick and mortar shop is a commercial or retail establishment with at least one physical location. Traditional stores like the ones you may find in your neighborhood’s commercial center are known as “physical stores,” for instance.

Although the costs associated with having a physical business are significantly higher than they would be if your company only conducted business online, the need for a physical store to achieve higher conversion rates is becoming more pronounced. In fact, offline sales in the United States continue to be 10 times larger than internet sales.

Many customers still prefer a physical store where they can physically see the product before buying it, as well as ask advice from physical assistants instead of virtual ones.

Just 10 years ago, you may have heard many analysts calling for an end to physical stores. They were called old-fashioned, and the rise of the Internet and ecommerce was going to close all the physical stores.

We now know that this has not been the case. Shoppers have turned to online sources for research and information, and will often go to a physical location – a brick and mortar store – to make the actual purchase.

To summarize, street-side businesses should have a strong and unique brand online (a converting website, no a social media profile) or a ecommerce store extension for online communities.

There are useful information here, about jobs in Norway, work in Norway and doing business in Norway that you may take in consideration. 

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