ai4k Pro8 is designed to be an eCommerce powerhouse.

Control the elements with this systemic and astonishing website: smoothly touch the eCommerce stream with Pro8, our eCommerce solution ready to work for you. ai4k Pro8 Website Plan now includes Store AI by choice, which means it can be fed by Artificial Intelligence servers from IBM Watson or Microsoft Azure for backend productivity and to provide relevance in search engines. The newest WebGL technology for rendering graphics in the browser is included by default in Pro8 Website Plan (Why use flat and static colors when you can have them all, dynamically?).

ai4k Pro8 Website Plan newest add-on is the Store NFT, which sets a NFT marketplace in your store to not only create NFTs, but to mint and sell. Store NFT includes the wallet and the blockchain storage as well.

Add Pro8 to the cart, or chat to me, I’ll happy to advise you 😀.