A good Website Design

A good website design is a web design that converts. 

What is Good Website Design?

In a previous post we talked about on how to pick a the best website designer. It is a mix between skills and confidence, but at the moment of decision, trustworthiness must permeate everything. This is what this post is about: what is the acceptable level of ethics for a good website design.

Affordable Web Design vs Cheap Web Design

A good website design is the minimum viable website that converts for the customer conditions: budget, time, and competence. 

A cheap website can be everything. Today you can create a “website for free”, you can upload a PDF or a PowerPoint to a server on internet and call that a “website”. But that won’t convert and will transform your brand into literally a trash brand.

Design For Website Conversion

We design only for website conversion. When we start this business adventure our focus was on the customer business model, and how we can help them transform that idea into an articulable business proposition and a profitable business on the internet. In that way, the creation of cheap websites was never in our minds.

There is some secret sauce in every recipe. You have yours and we have ours. Create Websites for Conversion while we are designing our own website that converts (to sell you our product and services) is to deal with matters like transparency and ultimately with Ethics. As it is printed in our Business Goal and Values, our goal is not to sell websites but the technical implementation that provides our customers with the leverage to grow a business.

Our approach is this: the client has a white canvas in ai4k, but some conditions apply because of our business model and limitations like the Google Search Engine, software, and content installed. Our last Website Plan updates bring more power and stability in a way we are not worried anymore about customers’ web hosting or the website speed.

Transparency from the Beginning

There is a small collision in the process of shaping a good website design. In one side a customer with an idea of what they think the design and user experience or website process flow should be (if any), and in the other side the limitations that we said above. We create three website plans precisely due to that collision. We stand in front of our customer and we say: “Hey, you are here and you don’t need that now”, or “Your business need this, but not that”. And the progressive approach of our Website Store provides them the flexibility when their business grow.

Real Conversion

Our conversion is a little difficult to measure or at least is not as clear as just selling a product like a Website Plan or an Elementor ai4k Kit.

In such a way sounds like a cliché, your success is our success. In that sense, the traffic on our website, the good website traffic, will convert at the top of the funnel by buying something from us.

In most customer cases the website traffic conversion will happen at the bottom of the conversion funnel.

Design vs Performance

Mantra is to keep it simple in the backend and as rich as possible in the front end. As you may suppose the third-party software companies have their own business goals, and are not the same as yours, or match in any way the business goal of the main builder, in our case Elementor.

Our business model is so clear that we need to be ethical. Offering you a clear solution will make our business more authentic too. Let’s put some examples.

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The Customer is Always Right

If that makes sense, communication with the client happens on two levels of ethics.

You must be transparent in the conditions of the sale, but you must push the sale using a second layer, which is emotional and unconscious.

You’re not going to hide information to the customer at any point, but using their emotions to convince them to buy your product or service is a lot like it. Telling him/her what he/she needs when he/she doesn’t know is another way to drive a sale, and it’s also not something the customer consciously handles in the first place.

Example 1: Imagine that a customer enters your physical store. The customer then asks for something that is not defined in the conditions, something that does not correspond to him/her. At that moment you decide that you are going to be flexible to keep the client. You are working on that second layer of ethics.

Example 2. You know that there is a product that sells more if you present it in a certain way or to a specific public. The customer enters the store and buys the product. Did you cheat on him/her? No. Did you hide information from him/her? Yes, up to a certain extent. If you inform the client what the rules of the game are, the additional skills to win the game within those rules are at a second ethical level.

A good website design is a web design that converts

In the end, the public that converts on your website is the one that is within that ethical range, within that frame of reference. You must at all times exceed the level of trust that your customers feel in your business by providing them with clear terms and conditions, and always being transparent with the prices and characteristics of the products or services that you sell.
A Good Website Design not only has perfect performance within the 3 seconds but expresses the message to your customer at that second level of ethics, which makes the balance tip over.

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